2009年7月8日 星期三

The Movie~~"Coach Carter"

Coach Ken Carter: What is your deepest fear?
Timo Cruz: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.


2009年5月7日 星期四

NIKE commerical

It's not about the shoes.重要的 不是這雙鞋

It's about knowing where you're going.而是知道要往何處前進

Not forgetting where you started.卻沒忘記自己來自哪裡

It's about having the courage to fail.而是擁有面對失敗的勇氣

Not breaking when you're broken.遭受打擊卻依然堅定

Taking everything you've been given.發揮所有潛力

And making something better.成就更出色的自己

It's about work before glory.重要的 是榮耀來臨之前的努力

And what's inside of you.以及內心深處的信念

It's doing what they said you can't.無關別人是否相信

It's not about the shoes.重要的 真的不是這雙鞋

It's about what you do in them.而是穿上它之後的你

It's about being who you were born to be. 勇敢作你自己

2009年3月16日 星期一

Taipei express way Marathon

Last Sunday morning, I went to Taipei for 10K express way running with my friends. That was my second time to join the running game. We got up earlier than last time ING marathon. So we had enough time to warm up.
But we didn't do any practice before this game. So each of us got twitch. And we also saw a man fell down at 8KM. Many people tried to save him, I heard people said he got save after the electric shock. Thank god!!!
My result is 1 hr and 9 min. Running on the express way is really special and we all treasure this chance, so we all shit in the WC on the way and lay down on the road for a while. We can't do the things like these in general, so that's one of the reasons we participate.
Next time is Supau road running on 5/3. Only charge 100 NTD. Our goal is "drink the Supau as much as we can".

2009年2月17日 星期二

加油? fuel up gasoline?

In Chinese, we could hear people tell us "加油" in many situations, like when we decide to do something, have to pass some test or have to win a competition. It is a kind of words to encourage somebody.

"Oh, man... I have to do overtime tonight."~~~"加油"
"I worry about the exam tomorrow."~~~"I am sure you will pass the test, 加油"
"I like that girl, should I tell her?"~~~ "Of course, just tell her how you feel, 加油"

But it is hard to find the real translation in English. The real translation in "加油" is to fuel up gasoline. It is quite different meaning in Chinese. Indeed, we really use "加油" , when we refuel the vehicle, but we used in encouraging others more often.

2008年12月8日 星期一

Different Life ~~

I went to my high school classmate's wedding party last sunday with my wife. The party was held at Taipei Ambassador Hotel. What a luxurious place. My wife asked me to dress suit, but I just didn't listen to her, still dressed casual, sweatshirt-hoody with jean. When we got there, I was embarrased. It looked like I went to the wrong place.

I still felt happy to be there even though my wrong dress. I saw many classmates who I haven't seen them since high school. We talked about many funny and stupid things we did in high school. Although not everyone came, we still got their current situation mostly. Someone is fighting with cancer, someone is going to learn airplane piloting. Someone just has a new open store 鮮竽仙, and someone was just fired by his boss. Someone is a doctor, someone is an accountant, someone said he would never get married, and someone are going to have third baby.

It was an interesting party. I saw different kinds of life. On my way home, all we chatted in the party still in my brain and let me have new ideas of my life.

2008年12月1日 星期一

Annual Bonus 23 months !!!!!!!

Taiwan is a kingdom of bike manufacturing. There are two world famous brand "Giant" & "Merrida".The Giant just announced that their annual bonus would be 23 months. "23 months", wow!!! Tthat means you work for one year then you will get pay for 3 years almost. That's the most I ever heard.

But when I went to the retailers, their price is sky high. Even basic level for newcomer also costs 12 thousands. I won't pay that much to buy a bike. It's too expensive. I think 2 or 3 thousands would be the acceptable price. 5 thousands is my limit.

We always heard people said Taiwan is the kingdom of bike manufacturing. In that case, why the price in Taiwan is so high? I don't understand. Our government always said that we should buy the products made in Taiwan mostly. I want to support our own brand, but it seems I also need to pay much more. Wasn't it ridiculous? 23 months bonus and the price for Taiwanese is still so high? I still don't understand... why?

2008年11月24日 星期一

Enterovirus !!!

My lovely daughter got enterovirus last Saturday. I got her to the hospital, and the doctor said we should be very careful next few days. To prevent her getting fever is very important. So we forced her to drink 100 cc of water per hour at least. Every time she cried, I felt sad, too. She is so little and got this kind of dangerous illness. Just few days before, that was a news about two little kids in Tao-Yuan died in this virus. That makes me really nervous about my dahghter.
The weekend days, she was very naughty, cried easily, didn't wanna eat anything, even waked up easily. I knew the illness made her very uncomfortable. To take care of her was a very tired job. My mom, my wife and me were really tired these days, but the good news was she did not get fever.
But something happened today. She got fever this morning, and my mom took her to see doctor. Doctor said she need a intravenous drop and stay in the hospital until night. So I went to take care of her this afternoon until my wife get off duty to take my turn. Her body temperature was gettind down, and it seems she could be back home tonight. This is a horrible experience, and I wish she can recover soon.